Dustin Plantholt

I am Dustin Plantholt, a media and journalism professional whose early years in foster care shaped my path towards engaging with global leaders. As a journalist and podcaster, I’ve interviewed over 250 notable figures, from celebrities to CEOs, and have been a prominent speaker at venues worldwide, including the Vatican, Monaco, and Paris. My career highlights include serving as a Senior Editor for Forbes and hosting the Bitcoin.com podcast.

In the entrepreneurial realm, I’ve successfully exited three startups and have taken on various roles such as hosting Forbes Monaco TV and producing a documentary for Amazon Prime. My creative contributions include writing a Crypto Comic Book and co-authoring a best-selling business book. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply dedicated to volunteerism, actively serving on the advisory boards of several esteemed organizations, which underscores my commitment to societal improvement and personal development.

Having conducted over 250 high-profile interviews with notable figures like Daymond John and Jerry Springer, I’ve honed exceptional communication skills and industry acumen. My global speaking engagements demonstrate my ability to captivate and influence diverse audiences.

Acknowledged as Entrepreneur.com’s Metaverse Advisor of the Year and among Forbes Monaco’s 40 under 40, I lead MonteCrypto, an award-winning advisory boutique. My volunteer work with prestigious organizations like the March of Dimes, European Women’s Association, The Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation, and the Maryland Medical Reserves Corps attests to my commitment to impactful initiatives.

I’ve successfully exited three startups and achieved numerous career milestones, including a 32nd degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, publishing a Crypto Comic Book, and holding executive roles in an Amazon Prime Documentary and as a certified Audible narrator. These accomplishments bear testament to my strategic acumen, versatility, and leadership capabilities.

In 2021, Forbes Monaco recognized my contributions and appointed me as their Senior Editor, bestowing upon me the title of “The Count of Monte Crypto” in acknowledgment of my deep expertise in cryptocurrency and steadfast commitment to accuracy. Additionally, in August 2023, I was honored with the position of Associate Professor of Cryptocurrency Finance.

I believe in leveraging unique talents to create positive change, seeing legacy as the enduring impact one leaves behind.