Dustin Plantholt

Written Work

Welcome to “Viva la Doge!” Picture this: Amidst the COVID chaos, I was deep in the wilds of Twitter (now curiously dubbed “X”). Surrounded by chatter about Doge, Musk, tales of reptilian VIPs, and interns’ job-seeking sagas, inspiration struck like a misfired SpaceX rocket. Within 90 days, a hilariously epic story took shape. The result? A crypto comic book sensation, prominently displayed in select comic shops around the world.

And while I’d love to brag about outdoing other crypto-themed comics, let’s be honest: there wasn’t exactly a horde of them. Oh, and did I mention? Before crafting this gem, I hadn’t even read through an entire comic. Talk about beginner’s luck!

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Dustin with Akon
Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of Congo with Dustin Plantholt