Dustin Plantholt

Written Work

From the humble beginnings of a foster home to being knighted, my journey has been nothing short of transformative. As I took the helm as Editor-in-Chief of Monaco Voice, a nascent publication with a modest readership, I was driven by a passion to share stories that inspired, enlightened, and connected. It was this zeal that led me to approach Mr. Joe Foster, the revered founder of Reebok.

I approached Mr. Foster with the hope of introducing his compelling narrative to our readers. To my astonishment, a man of his stature exuded a warmth, kindness, and humility that was both rare and captivating. He was, in every sense, a remarkable presence – a beacon in the world of success and yet so grounded. So, imagine my surprise when, after sharing his own story, he extended an invitation for me to co-author a book he had been passionately crafting.

Throughout the writing and editing process, our bond strengthened. Mr. Foster transitioned from being an admired figure to a cherished mentor and, eventually, family. Today, I am beyond grateful and humbled to share a chapter from our collaborative effort, “How to Survive and Thrive”. It’s not just a testament to our individual journeys but a tribute to the serendipitous connections that life gifts us. And now, I count my blessings daily, one of the most significant being the privilege of calling Mr. Foster family.